Carrie Blast Furnaces

Carrie Blast Furnaces

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 801 Carrie Furnace Blvd, 623 East Eighth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15218

A remnant of the once massive, legendary U.S. Steel Homestead Steel Works, the Carrie Blast Furnaces are a vestige of Pittsburgh’s 20th-century domination of the steel industry. Towering 92 feet over the Monongahela River, Carrie Furnaces #6 and #7 are extremely rare examples of pre-World War II iron-making technology. Since the collapse of the region’s steel industry in the 1970s and 1980s, these are the only non-operative blast furnaces in the region that remain.

Industrial Tours  of this National Historic Landmark are offered May through October. The site is also a creative hub for arts workshops, tours, exhibitions, and special programs.

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Carrie Blast Furnaces

801 Carrie Furnace Blvd

Pittsburgh, PA 15218