International Free Expressioni Project (

International Free Expressioni Project (

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 P.O. Box 23276, Pittsburgh, PA 15211

The International Free Expression Project ( seeks a world in which everyone can be who they are, say what they want, and be heard. It is an independent, nonprofit organization that encourages people to express themselves freely and protect the right of everyone else to do so.

IFEP works with with artists, activists, storytellers, innovators, teachers, organizations and people of all types and at all levels of society to encourage creative expression and amplify the message that, if you stand by when someone else is silenced, you too may be silenced one day. IFEP has launched four initiatives to spread the word:

1. Erect the world’s first iconic work of public art symbolizing free expression.

2. Build a “Marketplace of Ideas” in the vast vacant pressroom of the former Pittsburgh Press and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette building.

3. Support artists, especially those at risk, by commissioning and exhibiting their work.

4. Invent new interactive educational tools that drive home the importance of standing in defense of free expression.