Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council

Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council

Culture: Architecture/Design, Literature/Poetry - Learning: Classes, Lectures, Tours - Performance: Dance, Music, Musical Theatre, Opera, Theatre - Visual: Crafts, Exhibitions, Film, Photography, Public Art



 810 Penn Avenue, Suite 600, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council (GPAC) champions the arts in Southwestern Pennsylvania, providing financial, professional, and political support for the arts and culture sector. Comprised of more than 400 diverse artists and nonprofit organizations, GPAC offers valuable research, legal and business consulting, networking and professional development opportunities so that artists, as well as
arts leaders and organizations, can grow their skills and advance their practice. GPAC provides grants for artists and arts organizations, leads the region’s arts advocacy at the local, state, and national level, and models best practices for accessibility and equity in the arts.

Vision:  An equitable, innovative, and flourishing arts and culture community that shapes our thriving region.

Mission:  To expand the reach and impact of the region’s diverse and vibrant arts and culture community by providing leadership, advocacy, capacity building, and connections.

Guiding Principle:  The arts transform lives and communities.

Values:  Creativity, Collaboration, Accessibility, Equity, Inclusion, Knowledge


Serve as a change agent to increase visibility, relevance, and support for the arts.
Enhance the capacity, efficiency, and effectiveness of the arts and culture community.
Create an environment and opportunities that are supportive of individual artists.
Serve as a model organization that strives to incorporate best practices, increase internal efficiency, and ensure organizational sustainability.
In 2005, Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council formed from a merger of  ProArts and the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Alliance. Initially a grassroots organization comprised of a group of arts organizations committed to driving shared resources and political will, GPAC early on recognized its critical role at helping to build arts audiences and patrons to sustain and grow the cultural community. Over the past decade, GPAC has expanded to offer an array of services and resources to help arts nonprofits build their foundation, and has served as the region’s authority on arts and culture to the political and business sectors as well as the media. GPAC has consistently cultivated important relationships with city, state, and federal partners to ensure support for our region’s creative sector as a contributing industry. This includes hosting Americans for the Arts’ 2013 National Convention; spearheading the creation of the bicameral, bipartisan Arts and Culture Caucus in the Pennsylvania State Legislature; and chairing the Board of Citizens for the Arts in Pennsylvania.