Mar 19 2022
Introduction to Appreciating Birds

Introduction to Appreciating Birds

Presented by National Aviary at National Aviary

It’s not uncommon for people to feel nervous around birds. After all, they can fly and make sudden movements, and there are many varied species, some of which are elusive or even unusual. Birds can also bring so much joy to our lives. Their songs, their beauty, and their critically important role in our shared ecosystem are all wonderful reasons to learn to appreciate and enjoy birds. Join the National Aviary to learn about birds and what makes them so special with this exciting program. A bird expert will share information, answer questions, and introduce the audience to a small bird in a comfortable environment. Participants will then have the opportunity to spend the day at the Aviary, exploring immersive habitats and meeting beautiful birds.

Dates & Times

2022/03/19 - 2022/03/19

Location Info

National Aviary

700 Arch Street, Pittsburgh, PA

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National Aviary Parking Lot

Rate: $5 flat fee

Parking at the National Aviary is always available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Visitors may access the National Aviary entrance on Arch Street using the guided walkway through the Allegheny Commons Park. This accessible walkway starts at the National Aviary parking lot and runs parallel to the driveway.

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