May 07 - 28 2022
The Shape of Things to Come (Sculptures and Drawings by Richard Claraval)

The Shape of Things to Come (Sculptures and Drawings by Richard Claraval)

Presented by Spinning Plate Gallery at Spinning Plate Gallery


I’ve been interested in combining the human figure with unexpected objects for several decades. Unlike other sculptors I prefer to leave the figure non-truncated and undistorted and add to it. Later I learned about ways that humans will be enhanced in the future. This was fascinating to me. New technologies such as human/computer interface, machine/human fusion (cyborgs), genetic engineering, nano technology and others will “extend” human beings in ways we cannot imagine. This has profound philosophical implications as the very definition of “human” will change. Unlike the many dystopian thinkers of today though, I do not fear this. No one can predict the future. Tools have always been two edged swords – it will depend on how we use these new technologies. Humanity has incredible potential, and I for one have always been willing to think that our better natures will eventually prevail. This exhibition explores these notions.     Richard Claraval 2021

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2022/05/07 - 2022/05/28

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There will be dance performance on one weekend date during the month of May, as well as at least one other performance -- musical or poetry.

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Spinning Plate Gallery

5821 Baum Blvd, Pittsburgh, Pa 15206, Pittsburgh, PA

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