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Pittsburgh Savoyards

Pittsburgh Savoyards

The Pittsburgh Savoyards, Inc. is a semiprofessional, community based,nonprofit theater company funded primarily by local contributions and ticket sales. We operate for the purposes of perpetuating the heritage of Gilbert & Sullivan comic operas, and providing an educational, hands-on opportunity for interested persons to learn about and experience
musical theater. While our focus is the performance of the comic operas of Gilbert and Sullivan, we occasionally perform non Gilbert and Sullivan concerts and other composers’ comic operas. The Company has been in existence since 1938, and is informally affiliated with a number of similar groups throughout the country. Productions are performed and  produced, for the most part, by dedicated volunteers from the greater Pittsburgh area under professional direction. The fully orchestrated performances also feature many local professional musicians, and m embers of the Pittsburgh Opera Chorus and Mendelssohn Choir, most of whom are there because they share our love of this body of work, and the friendly atmosphere engendered within the group.


  • The Grand Duke 2018 orchestra


  • Pirates of Penzance 360 time lapse. Click on the video to move between the stage and the pit!

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