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Contemporary Craft

Contemporary Craft

Contemporary craft has been presenting contemporary art in craft materials (ceramics, fiber, glass, metal, paper/book arts, wood, and mixed media) by international, national, and regional artists since 1971. Through its free innovative and thought-provoking exhibitions focused on multicultural diversity and contemporary art, as well as a range of artist-led, hands-on workshopscommunity outreach programs, and a unique store focused on handcrafted art objects. Contemporary Craft’s new, permanent home in Lawrenceville (5645 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201) opened on September 3, 2020.

Check out our virtual and in-person artist-led workshops here.
Shop artfully, shop small, and support artists on our online store here.
You can also find a list of online resources like exhibition video, artist interview, and simple art-at-home projects on our website.

Grand Opening Date: To be determined – check back soon for more information!


  • Visitors enjoying the social justice exhibition in 2017 - "Shelter: Crafting a Safe Home"


  • "Shelter: Crafting a Safe Home" exhibition video. Shelter is universally identified as a basic human right, yet refuge and protection are out of reach for millions of people worldwide. How does lack of safety and security, from the physical elements as well as unseen external dangers, affect our psyche and ability to live and flourish? "Shelter: Crafting a Safe Home" provides a forum for craft artists’ responses to issues of homelessness and displacement - global and local, public and private. The exhibition validates the human experience by showcasing art infused with personal stories and perspectives, and demonstrates that art-making is a vehicle for open communication, healing, and compassion.

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